How To Be An Accurate Baseball Pitcher

Before you take the mound and toe the rubber, you have to learn how to be an accurate baseball pitcher. After all, what good would it do if you start pitching against the other team and start walking everyone around the bases. Here’s how to be an accurate baseball pitcher so that you can be successful in whatever level league you play baseball.


  • Pitching mound
  • Baseball
  • Catcher or target
  1. Form a controlled wind-up. To be an accurate pitcher in baseball, you have to have a delivery to the plate that is controlled. Herky-jerky motions will kill your accuracy as a pitcher. The approach to the plate should be smooth, controlled and balanced. Almost like a dance move.
  2. Step off the rubber with the foot opposite your throwing hand. This is the very first move of the wind-up after agreeing to the catcher’s sign.
  3. Keep your eye on the catcher’s glove. To be an accurate pitcher in baseball, you must always be locked into the location of the catcher’s glove. After all, that’s the target you must hit.
  4. Raise the baseball in front of you or over your head. Make sure that this is done so that the ball is directly in front of you, in-line with home plate. Otherwise, accuracy will be sacrificed.
  5. Turn your body. Turn your body so that your front shoulder and hip are in line with home plate. (At this point, your throwing arm will be back behind your body, in line with your front shoulder.)
  6. Open up your chest. As the motion continues, open up your chest to the home plate as your throwing arm begins to move forward.
  7. Plant the foot opposite of your throwing hand. As the pitching motions nears a finish, plant the “front foot”, as it is called, so that it is pointing right at home plate. To be an accurate baseball pitcher that foot must be aligned with the target. Otherwise, the ball is almost certain to miss the mark.
  8. Release the baseball just above shoulder height. To be an accurate baseball pitcher, the ball must be released just as it moves above the shoulder area.  Too high, and the ball will sail away, too low and the ball will skip in the dirt.
  9. Land in the defensive position. Now that the baseball motion is complete, land in the “ready stance” and get ready to field any baseball that might come screaming back your way. Congrats, you have just learned how to be an accurate baseball pitcher.



  • Practice hitting different spots. To be an accurate pitcher in baseball, it is imperative that you can hit any spot that the catcher requests. Place a net over the home plate with a strike zone taped to it. Practice hitting different spots in that strike zone.
  • Be in command of each and every pitch. An accurate baseball pitcher does not just have one pitch mastered but many. Take the time to practice throwing each pitch in your arsenal so that you can throw them with accuracy at any point in the game.
  • Learn how to pitch from the stretch. To be an accurate pitcher in baseball, you also must know how to pitch from the stretch if runners are on base. Instead of starting facing the plate with your entire body, you’ll start with the shoulder opposite your throwing hand in line with the home plate. Then continue the balanced moves as described above.




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