How To Be Awesome

Learn how to be awesome and stand out from the crowd. Even though the term itself is quite overused in today’s vernacular, the underlying meaning–to be awe-inspiring to others–is a quest that most any man embarks on sooner or later. Very few arrive, but you can be one of them. Do you have what it takes to have others stand in awe of you? Discovering how to be awesome in daily life might just yield this result.

  1. Set a personal standard for daily living. Consider this a development of the litmus test against which you measure future decision-making opportunities. By avoiding situational ethics in future dealings, you impress others with steadfast morals. Learning how to be awesome without this foundation is virtually impossible.
  2. Improve yourself in selected areas. Once your standard for awesomeness is set, there are bound to be some character traits that simply do not measure up. Work hard at bettering yourself in these areas. Some are simply behaviors, such as getting up by 7 a.m. to work out. Others are more subtle, such as lying or at least coloring the truth.
  3. Find a few role models. No man has ever gone it alone. Does John Wayne inspire your inner ruggedness? Does Pablo Picasso bring out your artistic soul? Do the sounds of Robert Smith channel your inner philosopher? While not one role model can propel you to your goal in the quest of learning how to be awesome, a fair number of them–combined–can get you close. Take the best of each man and make it your own.
  4. Become confident. It is easier said than done, but confident men inspire awe in others–in spite of their flaws. Confidence comes from having a direction in your life, a foundation for daily living and also small successes here and there. The latter can be as simple as a well-done poem, a new dance move or a painting.
  5. Become outward focused. As odd as it may sound, discovering how to be awesome requires you to be focused more on other people than on yourself. Awesomeness is a relational attribute. If you are the only one noticing it in your life, you are doing it wrong. So go ahead and volunteer, take charges without being controlling, help others for the sake of helping and do not be afraid to mail out birthday- and holiday cards. Your thoughtfulness will soon become known and lauded.

Now that you know how to be awesome, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started today!

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