How To Be The Bad Boy Women Love

If you want women to fall all over you, then learn how to be the bad boy women love. Women don't dream about hooking up with straight laced men that remind them of their fathers. They dream about hooking up with bad boys that their dads would hate. If you are not a natural bad boy, then follow these tips and you will become the bad boy that women love. 

  1. Be confident. One of the biggest ways to be the bad boy women love is to be extra confident. If you are not naturally confident, you need to pretend you are until you can build up your confidence. Some ways to build your confidence are making a list of all of your great qualities and constantly telling yourself what an awesome person you are.
  2. Get a rock hard body. The cold hard truth is that real bad boys don't have little skinny bodies. To get a rock hard body, you need to commit yourself to hitting the gym at least four times a week. If you don't get results fast enough, consider hiring a personal trainer.
  3. Be competitive. To be the bad boy women love, you need to be very competitive. This means you need to be competitive in all areas of your life including your job and sports. You need to try to beat everyone in every aspect of your life, so women will know that you are a competitive bad boy.
  4. Don't care what other people think. Everybody knows that bad boys don't care what other people think about them. To be the bad boy that women love, you need to do what you want to do when you want to do it without thinking about how it is going to make you look to other people. Once women see that you have an "I don't about what other people think" attitude, they will be falling all over you.
  5.  Be mysterious. Nothing says you're a bad boy than being surrounded my mystery. It is actually very easy to seem mysterious. You need to hang out a different places, so women are always wondering where you are at. Another way to seem mysterious is by not giving away too much information about yourself. This means if a woman ask you a question about yourself you need to give her the shortest answer possible.
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