How To Be Better In Bed

If you want your sex life to be more explosive, you need to learn how to be better in bed. The following tips will have your various conquests writhing with pleasure with every move you make. If you want to make your sex count, then learning how to be better in bed is some of the most indispensable knowledge that you can obtain. Make every night the best night of her life by learning how to be better in bed.

  1. Clean up. No matter what you've been thinking all of these years, she doesn't like "a little bit of stubble" or the body odor you've accumulated from days of not bathing yourself. If she can't stand the smell of you, or to even touch you, what makes you think she's going to enjoy getting down? Put yourself in her shoes—if she was unwashed, with messy hair, unbrushed teeth and legs like the Black Forest, would you want to have sex with her? Probably not, so take it upon yourself and get yourself cleaned up.
  2. Foreplay. Half of being better in bed is realizing that satisfying her goes beyond simple sex. You need to get her warmed up, which means exploring her body with your hands and kissing her ever so gently. You might not like it, but she doesn't want to be treated like some common streetwalker either. Show the lady some love and don't just go from ripping each other's clothes off to penetration—spend some time enjoying each other's bodies and you'll definitely notice an increase in her appreciation.
  3. Experiment. While there's something to be said about the dependability of missionary sex, it can get quite boring after some time. Take some time and try out some different things with your partner, making certain to ask her before you do things. Believe it or not, some women actually like doggie style—just be sure to make sure that's what she wants before you start flipping her around.
  4. Communicate. If you're sure that you want to be better in bed, you need to learn how to open up and talk about what's going on in the bedroom. You need to make certain that you and your lady-friend are being equally pleased. In cases where you aren't, the both of you need to be open and honest as to what needs to be changed in order to make the sex better for the both of you. By keeping an open, receptive mind and allowing yourself to both talk and listen about things, you'll be able to find out more about being better in bed than you could from studying positions or taking pills. 

Learning how to be better in bed is some of the most valuable knowledge a man can obtain. Nobody wants to be the guy everyone knows as the one who just fumbles around, looking for the right spot while she is bored, counting the ceiling tiles in your room. Getting a woman into bed is one thing, but blowing her away with your moves is another entity altogether. Learn how to be better in bed and get ready for some of the most enjoyable hours you won't spend sleeping. 

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