How To Be A Better Drummer

Playing the drums is all about practice, but there are a few tips on how to be a better drummer. Learning an instrument isn't as easy as it may look, but with some work, you can be drumming with the best of them.

To learn how to be a better drummer, you will need:

  • A drum set
  • Drum sticks
  • Metronome
  1. Practice makes perfect. Play until your arms feel like jelly. Once your legs can't bend, then you can call it quits for the day. Practicing is the most important part of being a better musician.
  2. Use a metronome. Play along to a metronome. Learning time signatures is the most important part of being a drummer. Drummers keep the tempo of the song, so the drummer has to be in perfect sync with the click.
  3. Play notes, not noise. Practicing playing notes on your drums. It may seem like making more noise makes your drums sound better, but if you can't hit clearly defined notes, you will just be making loud sounds. Learn to hit precise beats. Experiment with different notes on your cymbals; hitting the bell of a ride has a different resonance than hitting the rim of the cymbal. Play with alternative styles and sounds.
  4. Play along to your favorite songs. Put on some headphones and try to match your drumming idols. Playing along to an album will give you practice with transitioning between beats and fills. Trying to match skills with your favorite drummers is a challenging, yet fun, way of learning how to keep tempo.
  5. Always keep your drums in tune. Tuning your drums keeps them sounding as clean as possible. Out of tune drums will make the best drummers sound sloppy. If you have trouble tuning by ear, invest in a drum tuner.
  6. Don't be afraid to experiment. Playing music styles that you may not typically play is a great way to expand your arsenal of drum beats and fills. Being a well-rounded musician not only opens you up to the possibility of playing more styles of music, but it allows you to put your personal flavor into whatever music you pursue.
  7. Find a good drum stick. Use a drum stick that matches your playing style, and feels comfortable. Finding the right stick will make your drumming experience all the more enjoyable.

Practice until you can't hold your sticks, and you hear metronomes in your sleep. Once you have the basics of drumming down, you will be able to play anything that you desire. Find your personal style and try to develop some tricks of your own.

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