How to Be a Better Forward in Basketball

Knowing how to be a better forward in basketball will help you be a better player if you play this position.  For small forwards and power forwards, there are areas of the game in which you should concentrate.  Work on the following important areas in order to be a better forward in basketball.

  1. Defense is essential.  You must be a good defensive player to be successful in basketball in any position.  At the forward position, you need to focus more on interior defense, unless you are a smaller forward, in which in that case you will do some perimeter defense.  Regardless of that, focus on smart defensive awareness and your placement within the defensive scheme.
  2. Work on rebounding.  The center will need some help rebounding, and you can make your team much better on the boards by doing your part.  Work on boxing out and being aggressive on the glass.  Your coach will appreciate it.
  3. Practice appropriate offensive moves.  Your offensive game will be dictated by the offensive scheme as well as whether you are a small or power forward.  The former will need a mix of perimeter and interior capabilities.  The latter should devote their time to post moves and short to mid-range shots.  Regardless of these, work on your strengths to help emphasize your abilities offensively.
  4. Don't forget about conditioning.  You will need to condition yourself for the athleticism needed in basketball and at the position.  Develop some strength as well to help down low and on the glass.
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