How to Be a Better Point Guard in Basketball

Knowing how to be a better point guard in basketball is knowing how one of the most difficult and important positions on a basketball team functions. The point guard not only runs the offense, but also determines the tempo of the game and serves as the leader on the floor. To be a better point guard in basketball, you will need to be equally balanced in the offensive and defensive end of the floor to facilitate your team. While scoring the basketball is one of the most important aspects of the game, for the point guard, distributing the basketball is the number one priority and the most important skill to possess in order to become a better point guard.

Here are eight important skills you can work on in order to be a better point guard in basketball.

  1. Improve your ball handling skills. Ball handling is one of the most important skills a point guard must possess. Practice dribbling with both hands, not just your strong hand, and practice dribbling on the run.
  2. Work on your conditioning. Point guards need to be the most conditioned player on the basketball court. Running the fast break and guarding the opposing point guard will demand that you be in great shape. Increase your cardio workout and focus on your lower body to gain stamina.
  3. Become an elite passer. As the point guard, you will be responsible for distributing the basketball to your teammates. In order to create opportunities for your teammates to score, your passing skills will need to continue to improve. Practice all types of passes including bounce passes, chest and lob passes.
  4. Work on driving to the basket. Driving is one of the key skills that point guards need in order to penetrate the defense, score and open up shots for teammates.
  5. Develop a jump shot. When the ball is kicked out to the point guard with the shot clock running down, you'll need to knock down open shots. Without a jump shot, the point guard will also struggle to drive to the basket as the defender will sag off and plug up any lanes to the basket
  6. Become an elite defender. Defense is a key to winning games, especially at the point guard position. To become a better point guard you will need to shut down the opposing point guard and make it difficult for them to run their offense.
  7. Practice free throw shooting. During the final minutes of the game, the ball will be in the point guards hands. To be a successful point guard, you'll need to shoot a high percentage from the foul line. Make it a priority to shoot free throws after every practice.
  8. Assume the leadership role on your team. The point guard must be leader on the court in order to run the team. Speak up during practice and take charge on the court. Seek improvement from teammates and work on relationships.


  • Find a mentor who knows the position and can comprise a workout plan to develop these skills.
  • Practice these skills daily in order to continue to improve.


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