How to Be a Better Power Forward in Basketball

If you want to excel as a basketball player on a team, learning how to become a better power forward in basketball is important if you play this position.  Rebounding and defense are both important to becoming a better power forward, along with some offensive moves and abilities.  Concentrate on these following areas with tips and recommendations.

  1. Work on rebounding.  Along with defense, rebounding is incredibly important at this position.  Boxing out, timing, some leaping ability, and aggressiveness are important in developing your rebounding ability.  Harness these skills and you can become a better power forward.
  2. Defense is key.  Work on improving your defensive ability, especially in the post.  Develop your shot blocking ability, paying close attention to not jumping before your man commits to the shot.  Working on your upper body strength can pay dividends as such a physical position.
  3. The top offensive areas to work on.  Obviously you must be comfortable in the post; make sure you spend time on back-to-the-basket moves and moves where you are facing the basket.  Also, work on your short to mid-range jumper.  You will be able to stretch the defense and perform the pick and roll well.  Unless you are a pure shooter, longer ranged shots aren't that important.
  4. Focus on other important dynamics at the power forward position.  Aggression and awareness are important for good power forwards.  You need some aggressiveness for rebounding and defensive intensity.  Also, awareness can help in many areas, such as in setting picks and finding the open man.
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