How to Be a Better Small Forward in Basketball

Want to learn about how to be a better small forward? For small forwards, recognizing the key areas in the development of your game is essential.  As you work on these areas you will be able to improve your game specific to your roles on the court.  Take the following into consideration for becoming a better small forward in basketball.

  1. Perimeter and interior defense are important.  The small forward position is the gray area in terms of defense.  You will likely have to defend the perimeter post players, as well as those who have a mix of athletic and offensive talent.  In other words, you need to be comfortable defending the post, the perimeter, and all types of offensive players.  It sounds difficult, but you must realize the different breeds of small forwards you will need to defend.
  2. Emphasize your offensive strengths.  From the previous point, it should be clear that a small forward doesn't have to rely on either the perimeter or post game.  That being said, it is best to develop according to your strengths.  If you have great quickness, spend some time developing your moves to the basket.  Likewise, work on your inside and outside game.
  3. Work on rebounding.  Two rebounders on a team isn't enough.  Spend some time on the glass and you will become a much better small forward and you will certainly help the team.
  4. Conditioning is vital.  Work on strength for down low, and cardio conditioning for stamina.  You will be playing against powerful and fast players, so both are important.
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