How To Be A Casino Dealer

There are a couple ways to learn how to become a casino dealer. Dealing cards could be a great job for you. The hours are flexible since casinos are 24 hour businesses. This obviously has pros and cons because you could be working crappy hours. The money can be a great incentive depending on what games you deal and where you are located. Poker is usually the highest paid position and usually the best because smoking is never allowed in poker rooms. Even if you’re a smoker, it gets really old inhaling everyone else’s second hand smoke! If you really excel, you could end up dealing the World Series.

In order to become a casino dealer you must

  1. Have a clean record. Most casinos want a spotless criminal record and background checks will be performed. Casino dealers handle large amounts of money and any tarnish on your record will immediately disqualify you. 
  2. Apply. Casino applications can usually be done online. There is usually a long waiting list to become a casino dealer, so know that going in. Even after you are interviewed, the training program can take weeks.
  3. Save up. The training programs can vary in length and are sometimes not paid. This can really hurt you financially if you aren’t expecting it. 
  4. Realize you may start on floor games. Even if you really want to become a poker dealer, you may have to start off being a blackjack dealer. If you are well liked and a position becomes available, you might get lucky enough to be transferred. 
  5. Make friends with a casino dealer. Making connections is key to getting anywhere in life. Getting a good reference from a dealer at the casino you want to work at would really help you gain an edge over the competition.
  6. Expand your options. Dealing for a casino might not be the best thing for you. Lots of people hire companies to host casino parties. The pay is usually low, but the experience and exposure you gain could open up other doors for you. You could start dealing cash games for local parties and weekly poker nights. The pay is usually pretty good, averaging around $40 per hour. Even if you are unable to deal for a large casino, that extra money could really boost your income. Market yourself and always be polite to other poker players you meet. You never know, you might end up dealing for them someday and not get a single dollar in tips. 

Skills that are Essential for a Good Poker Dealer

  • The ability to keep track of math in your head and do it quickly. Pots can add up quickly and your job is to know how much is in every pot at any given moment.  Especially if you are dealing any limit version of poker. 
  • The ability to manage people. Some players never post blinds, take forever deciding, never place bets in the right denomination, and some players are downright rude. You must be able to keep control of your table at all times. When dealers are slow and can’t manage all of these tasks, the casino loses money. More hands means more money for the casino’s rake, and also means more money in tips for you. 
  • The ability to work fast and hard. Some casino dealers make it look effortless. However, there is so much to keep track of. Giving change, making sure the right bets are placed, making sure blinds are posted, subtracting the rake, counting each bet, evaluating the winning hand, and keeping the game moving fast are just some examples. It is very hard work and requires a lot of concentration while being courteous and fun.
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