How To Be Charming To Women

Smart men know how to be charming to women. It's more than being the center of attention, it's about your personal style. You spill charm wherever you go, and the overflow invites women to gather around. Charming men are out to impress and be the best, but do so in a seamless manner. Have the style and confidence of a charming man and watch as the women flock to your side.

  1. Make a good impression. First impressions last forever, and men who know how to be charming to women realize this. Manners, graciousness and a neat appearance impress that you know you're special, and she should feel the same way. Charming men want to be remembered fondly so they know how to leave their mark.
  2. Remember the details. A great way to be charming to women is to remember the details. Names, children and birthdays are standard fare for the charmer and he recollects it easily. Take it a step further and you've hit the big time, her mother's name, what she ate for dinner last week and her dog's favorite brand of food.
  3. Show confidence. One of the ways to be charming to women is to be confident. People who charm have a personal style that's unforgettable. What's underneath the style is a large amount of confidence. Believe in your abilities and show your strength of character. Women love men who are comfortable with who they are. A key part of knowing how to charm women is your confidence.
  4. Expect her to feel good. It's partly confidence, but expecting that the time you spend with her will turn out right is the hallmark of being charming to women. Your mastery of detail and pulling together great dates is sure to impress her and she will feel comfortable around you. Charming men know they are special and expect that their women feel special, too.
  5. Know the magic. Believing in who you are and feeling the magic is part of how to be charming to women. An element of mystery is always there when you interact with the girls. Leaving a bit of yourself behind makes her want more, so when you're remembering everyone else's personal details, be sure to leave out a few about yourself. There's a lot to be said for not giving away the farm, and it's highly attractive.
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