How To Be Cheap

Learning how to be cheap is a practical way to cut your budget. Just remember a thrifty lifestyle doesn’t have to be deprived lifestyle. Finding ways around paying full price for things is a great way to be cheap without missing out on luxuries.

  1. Search through your junk mail for coupons. Coupons are vital if you want to be cheap and lower your expenses. Cut-out any that can be used for goods or services you use.
  2. Join supermarket club cards. Trips to the grocery store will be cheap if you keep on the lockout for member only specials.  
  3. Use frequent buyer cards. Usually you have to buy ten items and before the store will give you a freebie, but if you’re consistent it’s like getting a 10% discount on everything you buy. That’s cheap compared to paying full prize every time.  
  4. Be cheap by haggling with merchants. You never know when someone will be able to lower the price. It’s good to have competing prices from other stores to strengthen your position.  
  5. Check the internet for coupons. The web is a great source for coupons and other tools that can help you be cheap and thrifty.  
  6. Find out about all the employee discounts your company offers. You may be eligible for a cheap cell phone packages, dry cleaning services and more.
  7. Joining clothing stores’ VIP lists is another great way to be cheap. Members are given special discounts via mail and text.
  8. Be on the lookout for freebie promotions. You don’t have worry about finding ways to be cheap when businesses just give you things for free. Once a popular coffee house change gave out free cups of joe, a fast food franchise declared free fry day and a dessert company gave out free cupcakes to customers in the know all in the same week.
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