How To Be A Christian Businessman

Learn how to be a Christian businessman so that you can successfully run a business while still keeping your morals intact. Being a Christian and being a businessman do not always seem to correlate in most people's minds. However, it is possible to be both, and it is not difficult as long as you keep yourself grounded. Remember, be yourself and you will succeed in being a Christian businessman.

  1. To be a Christian businessman, you should take time everyday during work to pray. Prayer is something that every Christian should do, and it can be done to ask for guidance, to thank God for something that may have happened, or any other reason. Being a businessman will take up a lot of your time during the day, and one way to add some of your religion into the mix without losing a lot of time is by praying.
  2. A Christian businessman needs to recognize when doing business with another person, group, or company is okay and when it is not. As a Christian businessman, you need to make sure the people you are doing business with are decent people. You do not want to become a partner with another company that exploits workers in another country or has any other kind of immoral business dealings. Be careful and choose your partners and the people you deal with carefully.
  3. A good Christian businessman will be able to fit in time to try converting nonbelievers into Christians during work without sacrificing business deals. You need to learn when to talk to people about God and when to avoid the subject. If a big deal is on the line that your company is counting on, you should focus completely on the deal. However, if you find time to talk about God with your coworkers or other business people and it is not hurting you as a businessman, then you should by all means talk to them.
  4. Remember to donate money to a good causes as a Christian businessman. The more successful you are, the more money you should be donating. Donate to churches and foundations that are supported by Christians or that Christians would support. Be as generous as you can and you will be rewarded later.
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