How To Be Cool

Need to know how to be cool? Being cool has a lot of meanings to a lot of different people. Don't let other people's opinions distort what you think being cool means. Being cool can mean having a special talent, being funny, or just simply being a nice person.

  1. Acknoledge that everyone's different. People will always be different, there are no two people alike. Also, people's perceptions of you will always be different, one way or another. Don't let their opinions effect your own opinion of yourself.
  2. Be yourself. Being yourself is always cool, no matter what people tell you. Don't try to become someone else. People will think that you're faking your coolness by trying to act like another person. Also, don't change yourself because you're afraid someone won't like you. There are plenty of other people in the world that would like to be your friend. So, just be yourself.
  3. Be positive about yourself and other things. No one likes a downer, especially about themselves. Be happy about yourself and you'll come off as cool to others. Again, no one likes a downer. Look at the positive side of situations and ideas. Look at things from a "the glass is half-full" perspective. Never be a pessimist, always bringing out the bad side of things.
  4. Being cool is not about being perfect. Being perfect is something completely different. Don't try to be perfect because it's absolutely impossible. No one is perfect.
  5. Most importantly, keep cool. Be level-headed about situations that could make you angry or tense up. For example, if someone makes fun of you, just walk away like you don't care. People will think you're cool for not losing your temper and getting into a fight. Getting in trouble is simply not cool, no matter what anyone says!



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