How to Be a Fine Dining Server

Those who know how to be a fine dining server will find themselves in a position to excel in the serving field. There is a difference between being the average server and being a fine dining server. The expectations differ somewhat as do the rewards. Fine dining is a lucrative business to work in if you approach it with the right attitude.

  1. Understand the concept of fine dining. Fine dining is its own category of dining. The quality of food and service excels the average dining experience. The cost of such food and services differs greatly from the average dining experience. The diners expect to get their money's worth out of their dining experience.
  2. Know the menu. Someone who wants to know how to be a fine dining server needs to know what they are talking about. Once again, the diners are paying for the experience, not just looking to fill their stomachs. Part of that experience is getting answers when they want them. Learn the prices of the menu as well as the food offered on the menu. When a diner asks you a question you should be able to answer it.
  3. Go overboard on the hygiene. A proper server knows that hair is the enemy of food. Keep hair and nails clean and well trimmed. Save the bright colors for a night out of your own. Nothing should detract from the dining experience of your customers. Avoid perfumes as the smell may conflict with the served dishes. Be conservative on the makeup. Keep it simple with neutral tones. Remember to slightly enhance features, not try to create new ones.
  4. Be compliant. A fine dining server knows that the customer is always right, even when they aren't. If the situation is beyond your means, simply validate the complaints of the customer and seek assistance from someone of more authority. Be agreeable but understand that the diners are not there to socialize with you. Simply greet them, announce the specials and offer your services.
  5. Do your job. As a fine dining server, your job is to fulfill the wishes of your customers, keep their drinks filled, bring food in a timely manner and keep the table clear. Do not try to rush the diners out of the restaurant. Always remember that they are eating where they are for the experience. They can have dinner anywhere but they chose the place that you work. Be grateful for that and give them every reason to come back!
  6. Anticipate. Pay attention to your customers. If there is an infant, offer an infant seat instead of waiting for them to request one. Refill drinks quickly and without interrupting the diners.
  7. Follow some basic rules. The basic rules of serving stand. Serve customers in the order of women, children and men. Wait until everyone at the table is done with dinner before removing plates and asking if anyone would like coffee or dessert. Hand the bill to the host or set it in the middle of the table if the host is not obvious.
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