How To Be A Good Defensive Football Team Captain

There are many people out there that are looking for information on how to be a good defensive football team captain.  A very neat thing about football is that there is a captain on offense and defense and each captain has special roles.  On offense the captain is obviously the quarterback.  On defense the captain is usually the middle linebacker.  

  1. The first responsibility for a good defensive football team captain is to get the plays that are called in from the sideline.  Sometimes there is a player that is sent in and that player has the play that the defense is going to use.  That player gives the play to the captain and he tells it to the rest of the team.  For other teams, the defensive coordinator makes signals on the sideline to the defensive captain.  These signals are how different defensive plays are called.  
  2. Another part of being a good defensive football team captain, once everyone is set up in their position, is to read the offense and give instruction to the players.  If the offense comes out with five wide receivers, it is important to have the team ready to defend the pass.  If the offense has additional blockers in, it is important for the defensive captain to get the defense ready against the offensive running the football.
  3. A key part of learning how to be a good defensive football team captain is to lead the team emotionally.  If a player is down on himself or confused with his role on defense, it is important for the captain to keep all of the players in high spirits as well as keeping them informed as to their role on the team.  The defensive captain is the leader of the defense, mentally and physically.  It is important to know where everyone should be.  This position is often referred to as "the quarterback of the defense."

A great defensive captain goes a long way in helping to maximize the performance of the defense.  Having a captain out there that knows where all of the players should be is a great addition to any defense.

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