How to Be a Good Forward in Basketball

If you play this position in basketball, learn how to become a good forward in basketball to improve your role on the team.  As a forward, you are responsible for interior (or middle area for small forwards) defense, rebounding, and the inside to middle areas on the offensive side of the ball.  There are a number of considerations to take into account to improve as a forward.

  1. Become a great rebounder.  You can become a valuable player immediately by improving your ability to rebound the basketball.  Work on boxing out and develop your aggressiveness to obtain the rebound.  Dedication in this area of the game sets players apart.
  2. Defense is always important.  Spend time learning the defensive nuances of your position.  Smaller forwards will need to focus more on one-on-one defense while power forwards need to focus more on post defense.  Whatever the case, make sure you commit to this side of the floor; if you are a good rebounder and defender you are already a valued player.  Take time to learn the simple things that can change the game, such as not going for pump fakes to avoid sending your man to the foul line.
  3. Develop a good all-around offensive game.  Make sure you work on the midrange jumper, which will help stretch the defense.  This will open up the inside game, which you should spend some time on, with driving to the basket and post play.
  4. Spend time in the gym.  Develop your strength and conditioning to give yourself a physical advantage on the court.



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