How to Be a Good Fullback in Football

If you want to make a contribution to your football team, it is important to know how to be a good fullback in football. There are several steps in learning how to be a skilled fullback.

Before we get to those steps, you will have to gather these materials:

  • A football
  • Football pads
  • Cleats
  • A football field
  • Weights
  1. Be aggressive. As a fullback your main job is to block, whether it is for a running back or the quarterback. When learning how to be a good fullback in football, it is important to always be aggressive and bring the fight to whoever it is you are trying to block. This reduces the chance of you being pushed back, as long as you are able to keep whoever you are trying to block tied up–then you have done your job.
  2. Develop lower body strength. Another important step in learning how to be a good fullback in football is having a strong lower body. Having a strong upper body is important as well, but the lower body is more important. Doing squats and other exercises to develop your lower body strength will go a long way toward making you a better fullback. Having a strong lower body will allow you to drive opponents back and pick up tough yards.
  3. Be explosive. Do exercises like running stairs to help develop your explosiveness and acceleration. Being able to hit holes fast is another step in learning how to be a good fullback. You have to be able to hit holes fast, so you don't slow down the running back you are blocking for and so you can pick up yards when called upon.
  4. Practice catching and carrying the football. When called upon to run or catch the ball, you want to be prepared. Work on catching passes with your quarterback when you can. Put an emphasis on ball security after a catch or run. There's nothing worse than fumbling away the ball after a good catch or run.

Now you know everything on how to be a good fullback in football. Good luck!

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