How to Be a Good Hockey Goalie

There is no quick way to learn how to be a good hockey goalie. There are a number of important areas to work on in order to be a good hockey goalie, which should be considered in order to progress. Follow these considerations to help develop your skills as a hockey goalie.

  1. Hand-eye coordination must be stressed. This represents perhaps the most crucial skill to master as a hockey goalie. Being a good hockey goalie is about being able to make a save, which requires precise hand-eye coordination. Perform drills and exercises both related and unrelated to hockey in order to develop this skill. 
  2. Work on reaction timing. Having quick reactions is the next step. Truly, having good hand-eye coordination and reactions provides a solid foundation to becoming a good hockey goalie. Take time for both.
  3. You should be able to move in and out of your stance quickly. Many saves occur, and don't occur, due to positioning by hockey goalies. Depending on your stance, you should know when the best time to get set is. Knowing when to close out on the attacker, use the poke check, or wait for the shot is all about positioning. Maintain poise and mature in your positioning to become a good hockey goalie.
  4. Consistency is key. With hockey goalies obtaining save percentages in the 80-90% range, it should be known that consistency is extremely important as a hockey goalie. Learn to take chances only when you have to. Also, you want to develop consistency, in your mechanics and timing, to build on your foundation and skill sets.
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