How to Be a Good Power Forward in Basketball

Want to know how to be a good power forward in basketball? If you play this position on a team, consider the following points.  The power forward position involves good rebounding, defense, and ability in a couple of important offensive areas.  Concentrate on the following areas to improve your play as a power forward.

  1. Be aggressive on the boards.  Rebounding is an important responsibility as a power forward.  Boxing out and leaping ability, are important skills to have to succeed as a rebounder, when mixed with other skills and a general level of awareness.  Practice drills to improve as a rebounder.
  2. Excel on the defensive end of the floor.  Along with the center, you are responsible for strong interior defense.  Spend time learning general and specific defensive nuances–specifically your place in your team's defensive schemes.  Additionally, spending some time learning when to jump for the shot block attempt can save you some fouls and improve your defense.
  3. Know the two primary offensive areas of focus.  Don't worry about longer range shots, unless you are a pure shooter or it is important in your team's offensive sets.  Spend some time on back to the basket and face to the basket post moves.  Also, work on your short to mid-range jumper, so that you can stretch the defense and be a threat on the pick and roll.
  4. Know the physical areas of focus.  Conditioning is important in all positions for the game of basketball.  As a power forward, spend some time working on your upper body strength specifically.  Additionally, working on your quickness and agility can give you an extra advantage at this position.



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