How To Be A Good Roller Hockey Goalie

You want to know how to be a good roller hockey goalie. The goalie is the most important position in roller hockey. The difference between a good goalie and a bad goalie can change the outcome of the roller hockey game. Becoming a good roller hockey goalie takes time, skill and practice.


What you will need:

  • Goalie equipment
  • The net
  • Hockey ball or puck
  • The opposition
  • Friends or teammates to practice with
  • Talent in the form of athleticism


  1. Make sure you buy all the equipment a goalie needs to play roller hockey. This includes gloves, stick, blockers, pads and a helmet. You need the right equipment to be a good roller hockey goalie.
  2. You will need confidence and talent to be a good roller hockey goalie. The talent can be in the form of athleticism. This includes good hand-eye coordination and very quick reflexes. You cannot be a good roller hockey goalie without quick reflexes. Great athletes have quick reflexes and tremendous hand-eye coordination.
  3. You will need a ton of practice to become a good roller hockey goalie. Ask your teammates or friends to take hundreds of shots on you during practice. All great athletes practice for hours every day to become the best.
  4. You will have to be able to keep your balance on roller skates. Most leagues force the goalie to also wear roller skates.
  5. Watch the goalies in the NHL play on film. Watch how they stand in the net. Watch how they move their bodies to block shots. Get a complete understanding about how a roller hockey goalie does his job.
  6. Stretch thoroughly before the game begins. Take shots from your teammates in warm-ups. Position yourself in the center of the net in front of the goal line. Keep your eye on the puck or ball at all times. Keep your body straight with your knees slightly bent. Position yourself to be able to stop the shots that will be coming at you.
  7. When the shot comes, try to have it hit your chest and cover it with your trapper when it hits the ground. Do not dive at breakaways. Instead, keep your position, and give yourself the best possible chance to block the shot.
  8. Keep your stick down and about a foot in front of you. If you have to dive at a shot, keep your stick straight and your glove ready. Try to block as much of the angle as possible.
  9. Try to position yourself so the goal is covered at all times. You will use your quick reflexes to catch the puck or ball with your glove. Make sure your arms are covering as much of the top of the net as possible.
  10. You will get scored on. When it happens, do not get discouraged. All goalies get scored on. Learn from your mistakes and block the shot better the next time.  
  11. Learn to play the angles and move laterally on your feet. Goalies have to move side to side in front of the net. You will need to learn this skill to be a good roller hockey goalie. Again, watch professional hockey goalies move and play the angles. Practice the skill because you will need it in the game.
  12. Continue to practice and improve. Continue to stand in front of the goal correctly. Continue to block as many angles as you possibly can. Continue to watch the puck at all times. You will become a good roller hockey goalie if you continue to practice, practice and practice.
  13. Learn when to react to the puck. Learn when to stick check the puck away from the opposing player. Again, it all takes time and practice to become a good roller hockey goalie.



Practice your skills.

Buy the right equipment.

Stretch out and stand right.

Block the angles.

Don’t get discouraged.

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