How to Be a Good Safety in Football

There are many new football players out there that are looking for information on how to be a good safety in football.  The safety position in football is one that requires a great variety of skills and also a great deal of versatility.  A safety has multiple roles and various skills are needed to cover these roles and responsibilities.  Let's discuss some of the roles and responsibilities that will be learned when trying to become a good safety in football.

  1. One important thing to remember when playing safety is that in most defensive schemes, the safety is the last line of defense versus the pass as well as versus the run.  Sure, it is nice for the safety to come up and make big plays, but the key thing to remember is that if a safety comes up to make a big play and misses, there is a great chance that it can result in a big play for the offense.
  2. What makes a safety a position that requires such versatility?  Well, when learning how to become a good safety in football, a safety is a position that requires equal responsibility in stopping the running game of the opponent, as it does stopping the passing game of the opponent.  Because of this, a safety should have good tackling skills as well as good pass coverage skills.  A safety should be involved in stopping a running play up the middle as well as a deep pass play.  
  3. In many defenses, a safety has a role to keep everything in front of him when the offense runs a pass play.  Sure, there are times when the defense will blitz and it can leave a good safety one-on-one with a wide receiver or tight end, but a majority of the time, a safety will be the last line of defense, hence the name, safety.

When a player is learning how to become a good safety in football, there is no substitution for practice and experience in game situations.  A good safety should have good speed as well as decent size.  Many times, the safety is one of the best pure athletes on the field, such as NFL safeties Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu.

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