How To Be A Good Skater

If you want to learn how to become a good skateboarder, then you need to learn about the sport. Being a good skateboarder takes more than fancy gear and a boss board. Being a good skateboarder takes skill, style and yes even courtesy.  Skateboarding is a popular sport that extends into the thirty something crows. A good skateboarder understands the sports, its mechanics and can ride with style. A good skateboarder takes things seriously but doesn’t get absorbed in the sport. The steps below will help you become a good skateboarder. Some things may seem to have little to do with being a good skateboarder until you step back and look at the evolution of the sport. Check it out and see if you can’t fashion your skateboarding after some of these tips.

What you will need for this:

  • Skateboard
  • Skateboarding gear

How to be a good skateboarder:

  1. A good skateboarder doesn’t take himself to seriously. No one enjoys a cocky skateboarder and one who rides where not allowed. Be courteous to others and share the sidewalks and ramps.
  2. Always wear your gear. No matter if you are only casually riding or pulling off some amazing trickology, always put on your gear. Keep your gear and your board looking good. This is a reflection on the rider; a sloppy board is a sloppy skateboarder.
  3. Respect the sport and all it has to offer. Do not take things lightly. Tricks and straight riding is a responsibility, respect it. Present and carry yourself well. These simple steps will cause you to be a good skateboarder.
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