How To Be A Good Supervisor

If you take the time to learn how to be a good supervisor you can boost morale as well as productivity at your company. Remember that if your employees look and do good, it makes you look good.

  1. Listen to your employees. Employee morale tanks when workers feel like the supervisor isn't really listening to their concerns. To be a good supervisor always seek feedback from your employees–good or bad–and show them that you care about their needs at work.
  2. Show compassion. A good supervisor is compassionate about the personal needs of his employees. If one of your workers is late because of a conflict at his daughter's school, show some compassion to the situation, especially if it's a one time deal. You'd want your boss to understand if you had a tough situation at home or in your personal life, so to be a good supervisor give your employee the same benefit of the doubt.
  3. Be respectful. A bad supervisor talks down to his employees and makes them feel like peons. That's neither productive or effective. In fact, if you are continually disrespectful to your employees productivity will probably go down eventually. To be a good supervisor, talk to your employees with respect–regard them as equals who are partners with you to make things work at the company.
  4. Set up a rewards program. Don't take your employees for granted if you want to be a good supervisor. If you notice that one or more of your workers are going above and beyond the call of duty, showing improvement, or just doing a consistently good job, reward them with both monetary and non-monetary awards. For example, a non-monetary award could be an "Employee of the Month" trophy or plaque displayed for all to see. Rewards programs help employees feel good about their jobs and can eventually lead to higher productivity–increased productivity in a department is a clear indication of a good supervisor.
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