How To Be A Great Lover

So, you want to learn how to be a great lover? Well, so does everybody else. Magazine articles have been by about this, tutorial videos have been produced (some are hot, some are just plain funny,) and surely, stone carvings were made by cavemen regarding the topic. Throughout history, humanity has been on an incessant, well-lubed quest for the answers. If you've found yourself in the same sticky, hormone fueled boat, read on.

  1. The absolute, hands down, number one rule of being a great lover is patience. You probably expected something hotter, but really, patience will get you anywhere you want to go (and yes, ANYWHERE! Wink, wink.) Modern life is hectic and fast paced. Because you realize this, recognize that your partner feels it too. You're both surrounded by fast cars, deadlines, and angry bosses breathing down your necks. The last thing your partner wants in bed is for you to rush in, whip out your junk, and be done in less than a minute (note: if you've got an issue with that, not judging, just saying that's a whole different topic.) Take your time, work for it, build your partner up to getting your freak on.
  2. This leads to the next topic; be romantic. For dudes, have you ever noticed your chick swooning over the romantic guy in movies as he brings his love flowers or whatever? Girls, have you ever noticed your guy paying special attention to the girl in the movie who goes out of her way to wear that special dress for her man? If you haven't, you need to pay attention! But if you have, then realize being a great lover is not about a special technique that applies to everyone. It's about romance, a soulful connection between two people. It's about fueling the passion and the magic that creates the beast with two backs. Do something romantic, however small. It will show you care and will help to get the fire burning. Once that fire is lit, understand that it will take some wetness to put it out.
  3. Also, there must be communication. This is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated tactics to being a great lover. Talk to your partner about everything and anything Communicate about sex, your desires, fears, and fantasies. This can lead to new discoveries.
  4. Finally, don't be selfish. This one is tough, as hormones have a way of turning off logic while in bed, but if you can focus on your partner's satisfaction, the gains will be greater down the road. It's easy to have a tendency to want to get yours and then roll over and snooze, but if you satisfy your partner first, time and time again, they will eventually work even harder at satisfying you. If they don't, try the communication thing. If that doesn't work, kick 'em to the curb and find someone who will appreciate your expanded lovin' skills.
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