How To Be The Guy Who Gets The Girl

If you're tired of never getting a date, you probably want to learn how to be the guy who gets the girl. By learning how to be smooth and funny, you can be that one guy with a woman on each arm. With a little advice and a lot of self confidence, you can master the art of how to be the guy who gets the girl.

  1. Be nice, but don't be a doormat. This is one of the most crucial steps that most men mess up while trying to be the guy who gets the girl. Finding a balance between being nice and being a pushover is tough but critical in learning how to land your dream woman. In essence, be kind and respectful towards her and her wishes, but don't do so at the risk of compromising your own happiness. By making her happy without making yourself miserable, you can be that one nice guy she always talks about, but not walks all over.
  2. Be confident. It may seem rudimentary, but you need to have some stones if you're going to be the guy who gets the girl. Women don't want to have to constantly boost their man's self esteem or feel like they're doing all the work in a partnership. Believe in yourself and start taking some matters into your own hands—you'll show her you're capable of accomplishing things on your own and you don't need to have someone constantly feeling sorry for you.
  3. Be proactive. Like it or not, that pretty girl who's sitting at the end of the bar isn't going to suddenly notice you and start talking to you. You're going to have to grow a pair, get out of your seat and engage her yourself. If you really want to be the guy who gets the girl, you're going to need to learn what it's like to have to walk up to ladies and actually talk to them. This might be a scary thought, but fear not—as long as you're yourself and not trying to be someone different, you're going to be fine. If there's one thing that women hate, it's dishonesty. Don't be that guy who lies to women just to hook up; nobody likes that guy and becoming like him will do nothing but hurt your chances of enjoying a great lady's company for the evening.
  4. Don't fear rejection. Even the best actors will forget their lines. The best baseball players can strike out and the best chefs can burn a steak or two. Once in a while, things go wrong and it's completely out of your control. But that's okay—learning how to cope with loss is one of the most important lessons in learning how to be the guy who gets the girl. If you fall, the best thing you can do is dust off your pants and get right back up. Similarly stated, don't completely lose your head if a girl doesn't want to go home with you. Just tell yourself that it was her loss and continue onto the next lady.

We've all dreamed of knowing how to be the guy who gets all the girls, the lady killer, the man who captures the eyes and hearts of every woman in the room—this notion isn't as romanticized as we've been led to believe. You don't need to have a $100,000 car or chiseled good looks to be the guy who gets the girl. Really, all it takes is a dynamite personality and the ability to believe in yourself. If you can manage this, you'll be famous amongst your peers as being him—the guy who gets the girl.

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