How To Be A Hockey Goalie

Learning how to be a hockey goalie takes time and practice. It is the most specific position on any team, and the goalie can make just as much of a difference as the entire offensive play of the team. Following is information on how to be a hockey goalie.

  1. First, buy hockey goalie equipment. Make sure everything that you have suites your needs and fits you perfectly, as you will need to be in it for long periods of time when playing games.
  2. Get practice, and a lot of it. Get friends to shoot on you, as you try to defend the goal. Practice crouching and blocking the puck with your feet, and practice using your glove to catch the puck.
  3. Also practice your basic hockey skills. The goalie will need to come out and skate around every once in a while, so make sure that you are easily able to do this. Practice skating around the goal, as goalies in games often need to swivel around it to stay between the puck and the front of the goal.
  4. Hit the gym. Work your entire body, and run on treadmills. All of this will build up your endurance, making it so that you can rotate your body faster, and move your arms and legs quickly to block shots or go after the puck.
  5. Start trying to find games to play in. Getting field practice is essential, as it will expose you to all of the elements of the game, and test your abilities in defending the goal. Keep all of this up, and you will continue building your talent and ability.

Learning how to be a hockey goalie is a serious commitment. A lot of time and effort go into training and practice, so once you start, keep at it, and practice playing as much as you can.

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