How To Be Intimate With Your Girlfriend

There is nothing worse than no action; you need to find out how to be intimate with your girlfriend. These strategies will help you move out of the no-fly zone and into her arms. You must do each of these steps in order, because if you do not, another man could see an opening. Your goal is to close the gaps, and get the intimacy that you crave.

  1. Do not push your girlfriend into another man's arms. By the time you realize you have a problem, you are too late. Women like to talk about their feelings, and there may be another man she has discussed this intimate problem with. A "friendly" man wants to hear why the two of you are not intimate. Your girlfriend will report back to him what you are saying; you must be careful.
  2. Open up with the right words. Do not miss this point; she does not want "you" to solve this problem. She wants you to support her opinions. She has already run things over in her head, wrote to everyone on her friends list and has left a few messages on boards. People are still getting back to her about their thoughts on your relationship. You need to tell her that whatever she thinks is correct. If she finds out later she was wrong and things are her fault, then this is where "you" say you are at fault. You own the fact that you should have said something or done something sooner. Right now, that "friendly" man is discussing your intimate problems. You must counteract that by agreeing with your girlfriend on all levels.
  3. You need to get inside of her thoughts. Of course, you cannot do that. Yet, you will make her think about you. You will do this by telling your girlfriend that you had a nightmare. You will explain that you were desperate to find her and that you felt so lost. She will be impressed that you dreamed about her, and that will get her to think about how much you must really care, even in your unconscious state. Your girlfriend will feel closer to you; any friendly man would lose ground here.
  4. Go shopping for supplies. You will need to make an investment and hope for the best. You will need votive candles, a lighter, a dozen roses, romantic music and two tickets for a romantic getaway.
  5. Decorate your bedroom. Place the flowers in vases and set them on your dresser. Place the candles in front of the flowers and light them. The bed should be made, and the tickets must be placed in the center of the bed. Look over the room and make sure your props are in order. Do not let anything cover up those tickets; they will help you to create an intimate moment with your girlfriend. Do not forget to turn the romantic music on.
  6. Call your girlfriend and invite her over. When your girlfriend arrives at your place, take her hand and tell her you have just redecorated your bedroom and you want her approval. Once she sees the work that you have done, combined with your improved personality and tickets for your shared vacation, she will be dancing in the sheets with you. Now you have filled the gaps in your relationship; you have created the intimate experience that you craved, and that other man is left in the cold.
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