How To Be An Investment Banker In Singapore

With strong analytical and interpersonal skills, you can learn how to be an investment banker in Singapore. Most of the world’s large banking firms operate from New York, but investment bankers also work in financial centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow, and London.

Investment banks help governments and companies. They manage financial assets, trade securities, and provide financial advice. Investment banking requires good communication and people skills, analysis and assessment skills, initiative, and creative ability.

Investment banking is a challenging field that involves high stake deals, big money, high compensation, and long hours. An investment banker in Singapore can expect to work between 50 and 120 hours a week. If this profession interests you, consider the following:

  1. Long hours and hard work. Hard work is expected—and respected—in investment banking. A Singapore investment banker is a high risk, high reward profession. Long hours of stress and frustration can give way to excitement and exhilaration.
  2. Educational requirements. Most investment bankers hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees, like the MBA (Master of Business Administration). Some positions require professional licenses or certification. The profession pays unusually high wages, but competition is fierce.
  3. The international job search. Investment banking is hard to break into, in America and abroad. The applicant pool can be ten times the available entry level positions. Don’t let this stop you from applying for a job. Start with your university career center, online job listings, and job boards. Search for jobs in Singapore by visiting “SearchAsia” online and opening an account. Be prepared to put a lot of effort into your job search.
  4. Analyst and associate jobs. To become an investment banker in Singapore, or anywhere, consider the analyst jobs. College graduates often start out as financial analysts. They do the grunt work to help the boss get the job done. An associate is the next rung on the career ladder. This position involves the same kind of work, only more volume.
  5. Knowledge and communication keys. As a mid-career investment banker in Singapore, communication will determine your success. Higher levels of the profession require an understanding of market trends as well as political and economic climates. Thorough knowledge and excellent communication skills get deals done.
  6. Mathematics, accounting, and other skills. Strong math and accounting are necessary skills in investment banking. Consider advanced degrees in technical fields. Even people with backgrounds in science and law can repurpose their careers into investment banking.
  7. Contacts and networks. Contacts are essential for investment bankers. If you have not already developed a network, start building one now. Attend interviews and conferences, and network with alumni and business associates. Your networking will pay off in time.
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