How To Be Irresistible

If you know how to be irresistible, you're sure to have women flocking to you wherever you go. Want to know how to be a smooth operator? Would you like to pour on the charm without making her sick? After all, the point is to attract and keep women of your choosing.

  1. Spread the charm. Be generous with the charm if you want to be irresistible. That said, if you're ingratiating, you'll be irritating. Give compliments and be on top of your game, but not to the point of sticky sweetness.
  2. Exude confidence. How to be irresistible means letting the world know you're confident. Women feel secure with a man who knows what he wants and where he's going. Men with goals and plans are sexy!
  3. Show your funny bone. We're not talking about getting a boner to be irresistible, but we do mean be funny. Girls love men who make them laugh and you'll know when you've hit her tickle spot.
  4. Share your intelligence. Being smart is part of knowing how to be irresistible. Smart men educate themselves about timely events while knowing when to throw in interesting trivia.
  5. Smell good and dress well. Men that smell good and pull together a mean wardrobe know how to be irresistible. There's nothing sexier than a clean man sporting groovy after shave (not too much!) and nice attire.
  6. Flirt. Flirting is one of the of the best ways to be irresistible; casual, fun flirting that lets women know you're interested. Give her direct eye contact and move a little closer—she'll know that you're interested and will respond accordingly.
  7. Hold back. Men who want to be irresistible always hold a little bit of themselves back. You want to be warm and inviting, but always be a bit of a mystery and you're sure to keep her wanting more. This works at any stage of a relationship.
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