How To Be Like Johnny Depp

Knowing how to be like Johnny Depp will take a talented and charming man. Johnny Depp has not had a perfect fairy tale life, but women can’t get enough of his good looks and bad boy personality. Learning how to be like Johnny Depp can be achieved by reading these easy tips.

To be like Johnny Depp, you will need:

  • Style
  • Bad boy personality
  • Reputation with the ladies.


  1. Dress with Johnny's style. To be like Johnny Depp you must have style. Johnny’s style is grunge, but he can clean up nice for the red carpet. To be like Johnny, dress in distressed jeans. Wear plaid button up torn shirts, glasses with black rims, and long dark trench coats. His hair is also a part of Johnny’s style. He has dark black mid length hair that is styled on the messy side.
  2. Adopt a bad boy personality. This will require a man to not care what anyone else thinks. He has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Don’t worry about what others have to say about you, or the people you hang out with to be like Johnny Depp. Bad publicity has never bothered Johnny. Part of the bad boy persona is also from the rock star personality he had back in the day.
  3. Learn to plan an instrument. Johnny used to play guitar in a band and apparently played very well. Pick up a guitar and begin practicing to become the next Johnny Depp.
  4. Be a ladies’ man. Johnny Depp has been engaged more times than Heidi Montag has had plastic surgery. Before that he was famous for being out with a different lady every night, which added to his bad boy reputation. Johnny has had a longtime girlfriend for over twelve years now. But that doesn’t seem to stop his flirtatious ways, or how the ladies swoon over him.
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