How To Be A Karaoke DJ

If you’ve ever wanted to be the host with the most and party it up with the most gleeful guests in the bar, you should learn how to be a karaoke DJ. Karaoke DJs have a great time and earn a fairly decent salary for spending their evenings making fun of, we mean fun with, amateur performers.

To be a karaoke DJ, you will need;

  • A karaoke machine
  • A microphone
  • A wide selection of popular music

Once you have your essential tools and supplies you will be well equipped with what you need to be a karaoke DJ, let’s talk about what you will need to do to become successful and entertaining at your new career.

  1. Practice your vocal skills – If you want to be a karaoke DJ you will need to have adequate singing talent, or at least be willing to undergo vocal training. You don’t have to have a rock star singing voice or be the next Pavoratti, but you will have to sound a bit better than your average drunken crooner.
  2. Be patient with the intoxicated – Half the fun of karaoke is drinking up the nerve to make a fool of yourself in front of a live audience. If you have a short tolerance for drunken people you may not want to be a karaoke DJ because the majority of your clientele are going to be hammered.
  3. Know how to work a room – The most important part of being a karaoke DJ is keeping the party going and making sure to keep the entertainment interactive. You will need to be fun, alluring, and be able to persuade audience members to participate.
  4. Have FUN – No one likes a stick in the mud of a host. If you want to be a karaoke DJ you will have to have fun, plain and simple. A fun person, playing fun music, and singing fun and popular songs is hard to resist by anyone looking to have a good time.



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