How To Be Mentally Tough In Track Race

Need to know how to be mentally tough in a track race? To really be good at running, you have to be mentally tough in each track race. Track is sometimes a harder sport to get psyched up for, since you're not directly competing against anyone. Your biggest opponent is yourself because, ultimately, you decide how fast you run. Here are some tips to getting mentally tough for your track race:

  1. Listen to angry music before each race. The fastest runners are the ones who are totally in the zone. Many people start slowing down at the finish simply because they have decided they don't want to keep running. The music will help you start getting mentally tough for your track race.
  2. Use emotions for fuel.  If you can concentrate rage or determination in the race, rather than dreading what lies before you, you'll notice a difference.
  3. Don't think at all. Don't worry about the people running beside you and don't think things that might hurt your pace. In running, thoughts can actually slow you down. Instead of thinking, listen to your breathing. Every time you start to worry that you might have to slow down, push that thought back down and listen to your breath.
  4. Build your resolve throughout the race. In each race, you are trying to prove something. You want to beat your own personal time by as many seconds or minutes as possible. You also want to beat everyone else. If someone passes you, you have to feel that you should be beating them. It doesn't matter who they are. You have to use every part of the race as fuel.   
  5. The sprint psychology. This is the hardest part of each track race, but remember that you have an infinite amount of energy left. If you feel your determination flagging, remember that, in a few minutes, you'll be looking back on the moment thinking that you should have gone faster. If you really feel desperate, just keep repeating to yourself: I can go faster, I can go faster. Never, ever slow down in a sprint. Keep pushing yourself. Optimally, you won't be thinking at all, you'll be so far into the zone that you will feel like you're flying.
  6. Victory is forever, pain is temporary. If all else fails, you have to keep reminding yourself of this tried and true slogan. The only thing that makes you slow down is your brain. Running is very mental. If you can figure out how to be mentally tough in your track race, you will notice significant improvements in your speed and performance.

Running is all about finding your limits and stretching them to the breaking point. When it comes down to it, you are competing against yourself, first and foremost. If you can become more and more mentally tough with each track race, your performance will keep getting better. Try using some of these tactics when you're training particularly hard. It's always good to practice getting in the zone because, when the time comes, you'll be able to access it immediately.

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