How To Be More Mysterious

How to be more mysterious is easier than you think. Being mysterious has its benefits. You have to admit, there is something about the mysterious aura of someone like James Bond, James Dean, and Elvis. It's as if they have some sort of hypnotic power over others, especially women. Well, they do. Being mysterious helps you get noticed, and increases curiosity about you in a subtle and powerful manner. Staying mysterious helps keep the attraction, since it helped create it in the first place.

  1. Dress to get noticed, but not to steal the show. It is easy to spot someone who desperately desires to have a camera in front of his face  as if for a cheap, drama-intensive, reality show. Guys who over do it scream insecurity. Go through magazines and pick out men wearing subtle, but "mysterious" clothes, and develop your own mysterious wardrobe. This is where you will have to get creative, and find a wardrobe that is your "style." This is where your female friends come in real handy, as they will be thrilled at the prospect of creating an ideal man. Look through girls magazines and see what the male models are wearing in their advertisements, taking advantage of the advertisers market research. After you have developed your style, you can get some objective opinions of it by posting a picture of yourself on the website

  2. Develop an attitude of confidence, not cockiness. Confidence allows other to be great, cockiness allows only you to be great. To be more mysterious, pay sincere compliments on things like jewelry and "conversation pieces." This makes women feel good that you took notice,keeps the conversation off you directly, and keeps you mysterious.

  3. Be short and somewhat indirect. How to be more mysterious involves answering questions about you in an indirect manner.  For instance, if you have clearly have an athletic build and you get, "do you workout," then answer it with a very cool, "once in awhile." This answer is not only more fun than a "yes," it also does not directly reveal things about you, while still be fun and honest. Questions regarding age can be answered by saying, "old enough to remember hair bands of the 80's, and smart enough not to show you the pictures." This kind of answers the question and arouses curiosity by "leaking" more information.

  4. Politely refuse, or put off, answering some questions. Mysterious guys don't want their business out there. You pick and choose what you want to answer, and what you don't. Questions about income can be answered in a comfortable tone by saying, "I pay the bills." How to be more mysterious would also involve a polite, but direct refusal, of questions with a response along the lines of "I plead the 5th, ask me again in three weeks."

  5. Practice good hygiene. It is important to practice good hygiene for not just health habits, but also to add to your mystery aura. Good hygiene includes good grooming habits like staying clean shaven and looking well groomed, overall. Even guys like Hugh Jackman who sport the five o'clock shadow look still have it under control. There is a stereotype that men are all football-loving, beer-drinking slobs. Showing a girl you take care of yourself advertises you as someone that stands apart from the crowd leading to intrigue. You should definitely consider investing in a good, unique cologne. Your cologne should be worn in small amounts–just enough so that the girl can pick up on it, but  still needs to come into your "space" to place it.


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