How To Be Mysterious To Women

Maybe you're wondering how to be mysterious to women because it's proven that women dig unavailable men. Or perhaps you secretly wish to be a mystery man, wiping your slate clean. Read on for tips and suggestions to keep women guessing about who you really are.

  1. Keep your friends secret. You will remain mysterious to women if they never know who you hang with. Don't introduce her to your friends, family or business associates.
  2. Don't give out your phone number. The ultimate way to remain mysterious to women is to never give out your phone number. With caller ID, however, the phone number you call from will show up—unless you mark it private and her phone accepts unknown calls.
  3. Leave the past behind. A man without a past is a man who is mysterious to women. Encourage her to talk about herself so you get to know her inside and out. Direct her away from knowing about your life and offer information slowly, if at all.
  4. Sidestep answering questions. Being ambiguous will make you mysterious to women. When she asks who you were with last night, or what you are doing next Friday, say, "I don't know."
  5. Play hard to get. Politely refuse offers to spend time together if you want to remain mysterious to women. Be unavailable to her demands on your time. You dictate when she gets to spend time with you. Women enjoy the chase—in most cases—so keep her on her toes.
  6. Take off the kid gloves. Part of being mysterious to women involves teasing them. Be gentle, because you don't want scare her off with rude gestures, but you do want to keep the upper hand. Infusing humor and ribbing into the conversation lets her know you aren't afraid to kid around. It also tells you how thick her skin is.
  7. Never spend the night. When you have sex, leave before the sun rises and you are guaranteed to remain mysterious to women. Have fun and stay for some snuggling afterwards, but don't drag it out.
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