How To Be Organized At Work

Disorganization is one of the major factors affecting productivity in the workplace, which makes learning how to be organized at work not only valuable for your sanity, but for the future of your career. Work can, at times, be overwhelming. Many times people take on more work than they can handle, work with restricting time limits or simply fail to ask for help when they need it. Knowing how to be organized at work is the key to mastering these traits that promote disorganization and hinder how we get the job done.

  1. Plan your day ahead of time. Whether it's a week in advance or just coming in five minutes early, look over your projects on hand and plan out what needs to be done and when. An important part of being organized at work is to stop working without a clear direction of what needs to be accomplished for the day or week. Use an old fashioned paper calendar or a simple task sheet on your computer to outline the plan for your schedule.
  2. Don't take on more projects than you can handle. When you are good at what you do, it isn't uncommon that you will plan to take on more tasks than what you should reasonably handle. An excessive work load threatens your ability to be organized at work and opens the door to clutter and disorganization.
  3. Prioritize items by level of importance. Getting behind on a task or forgetting it completely in favor of a less urgent one is a major indicator of disorganization. Get organized at work by prioritizing all of your projects or tasks based on importance. The best way to prioritize is to do it when making the plan of action that was discussed in Step 1.
  4. Delegate. Ask for help, or if you are in a position to hand over some part of your work load to a co-worker or assistant, then do so. Removing extra work will improve your ability to be organized.
  5. Reduce clutter. Nothing is more counterproductive than a desk or work area that is littered with clutter. Clear away unnecessary items, learn to put things away after you've used them and create a system that works best for you will remove the extraneous clutter and give you boost to becoming more organized at work.


Get Organized

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