How To Be Passionate

Lovers need to know how to be passionate with each other to keep the flames of their relationship burning. Without passion, lovemaking is boring, and often one or both partners eventually falls out of love. Form your relationship around passion so that it will stay vibrant and continue to grow. Here's how to be more passionate with your partner.

  1. Learn to see the good in her. We all do things that may upset our loved ones, but the key to being passionate is to avoid distorted perceptions of our lovers that may keep us from being merry.
  2. Keep the relationship fresh. Go out and do new things. Wine and dine in the city or rent a sexy movie. The key to being passionate is to maintain the enticing flavors of your relationship through creative adventures.
  3. Be romantic. Set up a date when you and your partner can get in tuned with your feelings. Light candles, play romantic music, and indulge in your sexual side. Start it off with an erotic massage and engage in a little more four play. Your date with your partner should entail feelings of both love and sexual desires, the foundation of being passionate.
  4. Fall in love all over again. We all have stories on how we meet our partner. If you want to feel true passion, recreate the emotion that opened up your heart to the streaming flow of love brought to you by your partner. Try to feel what you felt when you first met her, and build off of this feeling. Allow this to enhance the passion that you once felt or give birth to one that you have never felt.
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