How To Be A Player

Learning how to be a player is the kind of task undertaken by the man who is not looking for a relationship. Dating and romance are means to pass the time and perhaps add a bit of spice to an otherwise boring day. Of course, you might also be the kind of guy who wants to learn how to be a player just to cultivate an image. After all, the media has done a fine job glamorizing the ladies’ man.

  1. Commit to keeping it casual. One-night-stands and one-time-dates are the hallmarks of the player. Discovering how to be a player requires you to follow suit and not harbor in the back of your mind the thought that you might want to keep one of your conquests around. In the end, a player does not commit to any love relationship; he commits to the enjoyment of the moment and nothing more.
  2. Troll for numbers. Understanding how to be a player takes a good grasp of how to mine information. If you go clubbing to meet a girl, you let a whole bunch of others get away. On the other hand, if you go to the clubs to get phone numbers and talk to as many girls as possible, you will come home with a lot of contacts for the coming weeks or months. Keep initial conversations short but cordial.
  3. Set up an online profile. Match-making sites are the next best thing to clubbing. Keep the profile short, mysterious and smooth. Interject some flirty verbiage. The goal is to capitalize on the new women who sign up on these sites; they are flattered to have someone’s attention quickly. Be diligent with the physical description but vague about anything having to do with a long-term outlook on life.
  4. Cultivate a bad boy image. Women of all age groups adore a bad boy. Practice a Billy Idol sneer or a dry Dirty Harry wit. Being sensitive and even pretending to care about the date’s personal life is a mistake.
  5. Practice confidence. It takes a while to pull off a true player persona. The men who succeed have an air of confidence that is readily apparent to all those around. It is not an act but it is the bearing of someone who is comfortable in his skin. You can only hope to reach this level if you are truly committed to becoming a player, not a man in search of a relationship.

It is not required in your quest to be a player, but common decency demands that you are up front with the gals. Don’t spin yarns about wanting to settle down just to get a date next Saturday.

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