How To Be Popular

Learn how to be popular in five easy steps! Could it really be that simple? Being popular means being well liked by many. By following these instructions on how to be popular, you can make it into the "in crowd."

  1. Give yourself an attractive appearance. Fair or not, people are judged by appearance. People see you before they get to know you, so you need to look good. Make sure you have up-to-date hair, that you smell great (don't over do it!), your nails are neat, and your face is clean and trim. Work out every day to get a great bod. Wear clothes that are classic, with a few trends here and there. You don't want to be too flashy or look like you're trying too hard to be popular.
  2. Tune up your attitude. Being popular means exuding confidence. Don't be cocky, but don't be shy either. Walk around with good posture. Know what all of your personal strengths are, and think about them when you feel your confidence dwindle.
  3. Talk so people like you immediately. When you meet somebody, make small talk. Say something nonthreatening that's easy to agree with. If the weather's hot, comment about it. If you talk with a girl, compliment her on her shoes. Ask open ended questions about what your conversation partner thinks about things. Make the conversation about the other person, not yourself.
  4. Do some heavy duty listening. Popular people listen a lot. Listen during conversation, and file away what you learn about others. You can use details about them for when you meet again at a later date. They will feel important and flattered when you remember things about them to use in conversation.
  5. Show up for social events. Ask around about where the crowd hangs out. If somebody invites you to do something, go for it. Invite others to do things with you as well. Socially active people are popular. Be there or be square.



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