How To Be Responsible In School

Want some easy ways to learn about how to be responsible in school? Some guys kind of slack off during those junior high and high school years. Then the option or possibility of college rolls around and the temptation to still slack off and party instead of study stands in the way. Here are some ways to stay focused, task yourself and reward yourself when you actually do well and are responsible in school.

Things you may find useful to stay focused:

  • Computer with word processor or spreadsheet program
  • Planner of some kind
  • Goals sheet
  • Cell phone or some kind of alarm reminder
  • Something fun to reward yourself with
  1. Computer uses – If you don't already have a word processing or spreadsheet program for your computer,  consider getting one to help you be responsible in school. Once you learn how to use the program, you can type or print lists and notices for yourself to be responsible in school.
  2. Yes, really a planner – A planner could actually help. The kind with a calendar and such included in the package. You jot down all of your classes, the assignments, the time and day things are due. For some men, this could be very helpful. Planners exist for a reason–they actually work.  Maybe it'll help you be more responsible in school.
  3. Track your goals – Write down a list of goals and check them off as you complete them. This could help you be more responsible in school.
  4. Another use of cell phones – Isn't it amazing how many features there are on a cell phone? Not just for staying in touch–but as an alarm clock. Set different times to accomplish responsibilities you have with school work.
  5. Don't forget to have fun with your responsibilities – Some of these ideas actually help teens while they are in school. But they'd work just as well for a college student. In fact, people use lists and reminders of all kinds, right? So reward yourself when these tips help you be responsible in school. Go to a party or grab a friend and go to something you'd enjoy–hopefully you already earned it.
  6. As busy as daily life gets for people of all ages, reminders from alarm clocks, cell phones, Blackberries and so on are a convenient way to prioritize everyday things. You get  responsibilities in school done and you have a handy gadget.
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