How To Be Responsible At Work

There are several easy tips to help employees understand how to be responsible at work. Many of the tips are common sense, but some people may have never heard of these suggestions before. Follow them every day and receive accolades from co-workers and employers.

  1. Show up early. Employers hate late employees. Employees who are excessively tardy can impede the success of a business. Always strive to show up ten to fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled.
  2. Complete assigned work. It is very important to complete work as accurately and as quickly as possible. Missing deadlines can throw a project of schedule and/or make it harder for the next employee to get the project completed.
  3. Help other employees. If you have completed your work for the day and you know a colleague is behind on an assignment, ask him if he needs any help. There may come a time when you can ask your co-worker to return the favor.
  4. Get along with everyone. There will probably be people at work who you relate to well. There are normally one or two who may rub you the wrong way. That's okay. Find a way to have a civil, even pleasant, if possible, working relationship with everyone.
  5. Have a positive attitude. No one likes a Negative Ned or Sighing Sally. Support fellow team members and help to raise spirits instead of bringing them down.
  6. Ask questions when necessary. Please ask questions when additional clarification is needed. If you don't understand something, it's not going to be a secret at the end of the assignment when your work is reviewed. It's better to ask questions in the beginning or in the middle of a project instead of letting it come out at the end.
  7. Tell the truth (with tact). No one likes liars. At least not after the truth has come out. It is best to be honest, no matter how hard it may seem at the time.
  8. Follow the rules. If you are not supposed to be on the internet, don't use it. If your lunch break is 45 minutes, come back from lunch on time. Remember, rule breakers will be here today and gone tomorrow.
  9. Run away from gossip. Never allow yourself to be seen talking around the water cooler about another employee or supervisor. If you come upon someone else gossiping, turn around and head for the opposite direction.
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