How To Be Like Robert Downey Jr.

If you want to know how to be like Robert Downey Jr., read on. The recommendations on this list may not be altogether pleasant, but performing them will take you several steps further toward becoming like Robert Downey Jr.

  1. Become An Addict. The sad truth is that one of the defining facts about Robert Downey Jr. in the public knowledge is that he has struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol. If you want to be more like him, you need to struggle with some kind of personal problem, and you need to make it public.
  2. Recover. The next stage is to becoming like Robert Downey Jr. is to recover from your substance abuse problem. Go to treatment, or counseling, or just get past it. And make that public. Now you are ready for your come-back.
  3. Learn To Act. Despite his personal dramas, the reason the public continues to care about Robert Downey Jr. is because he is a very good film actor. His recent role as Sherlock Holmes reminded audiences of Robert Downey Jr.’s acting skills.
  4. Look Great In A Suit. If you want to be like Robert Downey Jr., it is crucial that you look very good in your clothes. Robert Downey Jr. is popular among female movie-goers because he has a ripped body. Didn’t you see Iron man? So go running, lift some weights, and limit your carbs and sweets.
  5. Date Smart Women. Robert Downey, Jr.'s wife is Susan Downey, the executive vice-president of Silver Pictures. Before meeting her, he dated Sarah Jessica parker, who has been an actor and executive producer for HBO's "Sex and The City". 


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