How To Be Secure With A Bisexual Wife

Learning how to be secure with a bisexual wife is important if you hope to have a healthy and growing relationship. Just because your marriage is not a traditional heterosexual marriage does not mean that the two of you cannot be happy. In fact, the world is full of healthy committed relationships with all sorts of different sexual orientations. Of course, as with any marriage, the key to happiness is being open and honest. So if you want to learn to be secure with a bisexual wife, you are going to have to begin by being one hundred percent sincere.

  1. Understand that you are not going to change her. You wife did not choose to be bisexual. This is who she is, so before going any further with her, understand that you cannot change her.
  2. Set some ground rules. In a traditional heterosexual marriage, many of these ground rules already exist, and they do not need to be defined. However, if you are married to a bisexual wife, you are going to need to set ground rules in regards to each other’s sexual activity.
  3. Know your comfort level. To be secure with your bisexual with, you need to understand what you are comfortable with. Are you okay with her having another sexual partner? Are you willing to allow her to have more than one sexual partner? Maybe you are only willing to let her be sexually active with another woman when you are present or, maybe you are okay with her having only one other sexual partner whom you know.
  4. Ask for details. Too many times, when people are in open relationships, such as having a bisexual wife, they think that the less they know, the better they are. To be honest, this is actually destructive. The two of you have to be honest about everything. To be completely secure in your marriage, you have to share all the details. This way little is left to the imagination, and it keeps jealously at bay.
  5. Do not think that this gives you the right away to sleep around. Your bisexual wife is being one hundred percent honest with you. She tells you about all her sexual activity. This does not mean that you can sleep with other women or men behind her back. You have to be completely open with her.



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