How To Be Seductive

Need to know how to be seductive? Don’t we all want to be more seductive at times? Let’s say you are trying to be alluring to impress someone. You want to attract the woman of your dreams. How does a guy go about seducing a woman? Here’s a guide for all you men:

  1. Get to know her and what turns her on. Does she like a certain type of music or is she addicted to chocolate? Then play that music when she is with you or give her a box of chocolates. Use what you know about her to become more seductive in her eyes.
  2. Be more confident. If you really want to be seductive, act confident around the woman you want to impress. Seductive men don’t need people to assure them that they are good looking; they already know it (just don’t let her think you are too arrogant).
  3. Prepare yourself visually to be seductive. Make yourself look sexy. If you look better without facial hair, shave it off. Wear your sexiest clothing. And don’t forget to brush your teeth; nothing is a bigger turn-off than bad breath. Well, not much, anyway.
  4. Choose your colors carefully. Different colors send different signals; to be seductive, wear “naughtier” colors, like red, black, and purple.
  5. Make yourself smell seductive. First of all, take a shower. Then apply the fragrance to your damp body (on the neck, behind the ears, armpits or the back of your knees) but, to be seductive, you can’t go overboard. You don’t want her to think you bathe in cologne!
  6. Get a little closer. To be more seductive, brush your fingers along her arm, touch her knee, or whisper in her ear. Say something sexy.
  7. Maintain eye contact. But, every once in a while, let your eyes travel down her body and let her know that you are checking her out.
  8. Make her feel wanted. If you want to be seductive, you need to make her feel like she is wanted and needed. Let her know that you want her to be there with you.
  9. Compliment her. Tell her what you like about her body. Don’t go overboard, but just let her know that you are attracted to her and she will begin to find you more seductive.
  10. Don’t come on too strong. Of course, don’t let all those things we discussed previously go out the door just yet, though. Do all those things, just be subtle about it.
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