How To Be Sexy In The Bedroom

So you need to know how to be sexy in the bedroom? It is no secret that many couples are exploring ways to add spice to their sex lives. Unfortunately many people end up feeling frustrated and unattractive in the bed. This does not need to be! There are several things that can be done to help partners feel sexy in bed. It only requires a willingness to try new things. Using these five ideas can help bring the sizzle back to the bedroom

  1. First on the list of ways to be sexy in the bedroom, is to change positions. This means be willing to explore different styles of lovemaking. The missionary position is an excellent position but it is a great idea to consider trying different position. The anticipation of a different style of lovemaking will not only bring pleasure to both partners but it can also create new favorites. There is always the added benefit of deeper penetration and more pleasure when new positions are used.
  2. Dressing up is not just for kids, or Halloween. Need a way to drive your mate wild? Become a detective, police officer, Tarzan, or some other sexy character. Get into it and enjoy the make believe. This opens up an entirely new realm of sexual exploration.  Encourage your mate to dress up as well. Consider wearing a wig or a moustache in public to take the game to new heights.
  3. What is sexier than letting go of inhibitions and enjoying sex in different locations. While this does not mean to go “George Michael” and get arrested, yet when done tastefully sex in different locations can be amazing. Remember the bedroom can be anywhere you make it. It is always best to start with different locations in the home and then experiment from there. The key is to enjoy the rush for both partners which makes it the third choice on the list of ways to be sexy in the bedroom.
  4. The most obvious item on the list of how to be sexy in the bedroom is to feel sexy. No this is not your mother speaking. Lose a few pounds, pick up a gym membership. Save the socks for shoes that aren't sandals. Those things may not seem like much, but they are vital to feeling sexy in the bedroom. Simple hygiene such as clipping toenails will also bring the "sexy back". Ask your mate? Maybe they would like you to shave your pubic or chest hair. The best way to feel sexy in the bedroom is to know what a significant other finds sexy.
  5. The final item on the list of how to be sexy in the bedroom is to consider recording devices. Audio and visual recording devices can be extremely erotic and arousing for both male and female partners. The act of recording, as well as watching the playback, can be just the boost to bring the sexy back to the bedroom. Recording devices can also grant partners a front seat view into the facial expressions and enjoyment of their partners. Watch for grimaces or pleasure. It is amazing what can be learned from simply recording.

Many couples want to know how to be sexy in the bedroom. The determination of sexiness is varied due to individual tastes and interests. It is best for each individual to speak with their partner and determine what they consider sexy. It is only with this information that a person can begin to be sexy in the bedroom.  Trying different positions, making love in different locations,  feeling sexy, and using recording devices are just the beginning of ways to spice up the bedroom

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