How To Be A Skater Punk

Do you want to know how to be a skater punk? A skater punk is cool. A punk is not just a look or a style. A skater punk is all about attitude. This subculture is one of the more popular punk groups. You don’t become a skater punk. You are a skater punk. You live the life of a skater punk.

What You Will Need

  • A certain kind of punk attitude
  • Style
  • Skateboard and clothes
  • The know how to use your skateboard
  • Your own tunes
  1. You have to have your own style to be a skater punk. Start with your hair. Black hair is fine. Throw in a few streaks of color as your own style. Keep your hair short, with a punk type of Mohawk or spikey hair. The style is up to you. Your style must have attitude. Your style cannot be copied, it has to be your style alone.
  2. Bring some tunes with you. Your tunes. Not the tunes that are popular on the radio or MTV. You are a skater punk, you like punk music. You like screaming music on your IPod. You make the tunes you like popular. You play your music loud and you shake your head back and forth when you ride your board. You are cool and everybody else around you knows it. This is another reason you are a skater punk. Talk about your favorite bands with the other skater punks. Don’t let them choose what is popular, you choose. You have attitude, now show it to the world around you.
  3. Buy some cool skate shoes. Make sure the shoes fit your image. You want to be known as the coolest skater punk around. You want the shoes to be cool. You want the shoes to improve your skater punk image. You do not want your shoes to take away from your image.
  4. Make sure you know how to skate. You have to know how to skate if you want to be a skater punk. Learn some cool tricks. Learn how to do the tricks well. Show off your skating ability with attitude. Show off your image. You are a skater punk and you know how to use your skateboard.
  5. Buy skater clothes. Design your own clothes to fit your image. Pick up some skater closes from a thrift store and change the design to fit you. Show your attitude through the clothes you wear.  Wear hoodies that fit your image. Choose a spiked belt that is different from all the other belts you have seen. You do not want to be like everyone else. You are yourself. You have attitude. Show off that skater punk attitude through the clothes you wear.
  6. Make a place your own. It could be a parking lot or a local skating park. You are a skater punk, mark your territory. Do not listen to security guards. They cannot take your independence from you. You are a skater punk.
  7. Go to as many punk rock shows as you can. Get into the bands. Learn the music and the art of being a punk. Add to your own personal image. Go to see punk skater bands like NOFX, Pennywise, 10 Foot Pole, Face to Face, and Social Distortion.



  • Be yourself-do not copy other skater punks
  • Make your own hairstyle
  • Make your own clothing style
  • Buy shoes that fit your image
  • Make sure you know how to skateboard
  • It’s all about attitude
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