How To Be A Skater

Watching skating professionals like Tony Hawk prompts many fans to take on learning how to be a skater. Knowing how to skateboard is only one part of being a skater. Skateboarding is considered a lifestyle and a subculture in addition to a sport, so being a skater requires much more than hopping on a skateboard.

  1. Learn to skateboard. The first obvious step in learning how to be a skater is learning how to skateboard. In order to gain acceptance in the skating subculture, you have to back up skater behavior with skating skills. Ride your skateboard as much as possible in order to increase your skill level. Visit local skate parks and observe other skaters and ask them for tips and pointers.
  2. Learn skater lingo. Many scenes have their own language, and the skater subculture is no exception. Familiarize yourself with skateboarding terms by hanging out at skate shops and skate parks to see what terms other skaters use. For example, "dude" is a popular term originally used heavily by skaters in the skating subculture. However, avoid using too many skater terms at one time in order to prevent being labeled as a poser.
  3. Dress like a skater. As with skating lingo, many subcultures also have an unspoken yet understood attire which reflects the subculture itself. Brands like DC, Adio and Etnie are popular skate brands that many skaters wear. However, do not avoid wearing other brands just to fit into the skater lifestyle. Continue wearing whatever style you desire as there are punk, metal and hip hop skaters, as well as skaters who do not identify with any labels and simply enjoy the sport.
  4. Have fun and be yourself. Skate culture is all about individuality and defying the norm, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. In the past, skaters were viewed as vandals and troublemakers, and in some locations many people still have the same perception of skaters. Skaters are rebels in the sense that they express themselves freely without fear or concern of judgment from others, and a huge part of learning how to be a skater is being yourself while enjoying the skater lifestyle and sport.
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