How To Be Successful As A Chef

Knowing how to be successful as a chef is as important to know as with any other job. The more successful you are, the further you can go in the chefs field. For instance, when you first start, you are likely to work in a small restaurant making simple salads or even just doing cleaning and prep work. Both of those responsibilities are important, but they won't draw the salary or give you the respect the head kitchen chef would get.

To be successful as a chef, focus on these areas:

  1. Education. Being successful as a chef mean that first you get the right education at a good college and a great chefs school.
  2. Proper attire. Wherever you work, you'll want to dress in the appropriate uniform, and you will also need to keep the chefs attire as clean and neat as possible. If you look like a successful chef you'll start to feel like a successful chef and will be a successful chef.
  3. An open mind. You may be taught to do something one way at chef's school and then find that your head chef on the job wants it done another way. You need to accept that some things can be done more than one way, and if you are on the job it's better to do it your bosses way.
  4. A job in a kitchen. You'll find it very difficult to become a successful chef without having a chefs job in a real kitchen.
  5. Be modest. No job in a kitchen is above or below you, so be prepared to start from the bottom and work your way up.
  6. Be able to clean. You need to be a clean person who wants to work in a clean kitchen and is willing and able to do deep and regular cleaning when it's wanted and needed.
  7. Be creative. Successful chefs need to come up with their own recipes and ideas along the way. If you do have a true passion for being a chef this should be easy for you. The other thing is that your recipes look pretty and appetizing.
  8. Work as part of a team. This is important so that all the chefs in the kitchen can get meals together on the plate at the same time. You've got to let each other know how long your food will take and whether you run out of prepped food or not.
  9. Work well independently. Successful chefs can do their part in the kitchen without having to bother other chefs for directions or instructions.
  10. Proper cooking techniques. You will need to know the fundamentals of cooking to make sure that hot food is cooked and served hot, and the same with cold food. It's also important that the customer does wait too long for their food.

To be a successful chef you need to look the part, act the part, and have enough knowledge and confidence to become the part.

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