How To Beat Bioshock Smoke Bees

As you progress through the video game BioShock, you will most certainly need to know how to beat BioShock smoke bees. The smoke bees are in an area of the Farmer's Market, where you will have to collect seven bee enzyme samples, seven distilled waters, and seven chlorophyll solutions for the Lazarus Vector. When Andrew Ryan kills off Professor Julie Langford for trying to save Arcadia, you are tasked with creating the Lazarus Vector. The vector is the sole chance of trying to save Arcadia, and all of the plants (and oxygen) in it.

Here is what you'll need to beat BioShock smoke bees:

  • The "BioShock" video game for either Microsoft Windows or Xbox 360
  • The ability to access the Farmer's Market in-game
  1. Find the Silverwing Apiary. This is the location of the smoke bees. Pick up the first bee enzyme sample on the dead corpse at the entrance of the Farmer's Market. The Apiary is located to the northwest of the beginning of the level, you will pass it up on your left of a long tunnel.
  2. Prior to entering the smoke bees area, turn on the smoke. The bee hive area is in the back room of the Apiary. To the right, in the back room, is a Circus o' Values.The smoke you turn on will force the bees to go into hiding for a while.
  3. Decide how many enzymes you want. There are a total of nine enzymes in the smoke bees area, however you will only need six for the Lazarus Vector. Still, there are three tonics that can be made in game that require three enzyme samples apiece. Collecting all nine can be quite useful.
  4. Only search through as many hives as you can fight off splicers. Each search will spawn another splicer, so be careful. A smart strategy would be to search one hive at a time while simultaneously fighting off the spawned splicer. To beat the BioShock smoke bees is one thing, but the splicers will also present a significant challenge to your success here.
  5. Locate the enzyme samples. Three of the bee enzymes are located in the safe on the left side of the room. In the corner, there will be an EVE hypo on a table, and an Enzyme in the bee hive two to the right of it. Next to a table with frags on it, there will be an enzyme in the hive to the right. You should have six at this point. Now, on the right side of the room there are three more enzyme samples. One will be in the hive behind the first hive on the left, another will be in the hive to the right of the post, and the last will be in the hive to the left of the First Aid Kit on the table.
  6. Evacuate the area before the smoke bees come back! These little buggers won't hesitate to return to buzzing the area once the smoke has cleared the air. When the clock runs down, the smoke bees, make no doubt about it, will sting you.

Now, knowing how to beat the BioShock smoke bees is an accomplishment in the game, but only so little in the story of Rapture. As things evolve, the plot will reveal even more about Arcadia, the Lazarus Vector, and Jack. Be sure to give it your best shot.

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