How To Beat Call Of Duty 4 On Veteran

If you own Call of Duty 4, then one of the goals you are going to strive to accomplish is to beat the game on the most difficult difficulty, so you'll need to know some tips about how to beat Call of Duty 4 on the veteran difficulty. Beating Call of Duty 4 on veteran can be a difficult task, especially at certain parts of the game. Keep in mind, since Call of Duty 4 is a rather linear game, you won’t need a straight walkthrough but rather some helpful tips that will ensure you can beat the game on the veteran difficulty.

What you will need:

  • A keen eye for cover
  • Decent speed reflexes
  1. To beat Call of Duty 4 on veteran, you will want to start by keeping in mind this cardinal rule; always get cover. Cover is your best friend in any first person shooter, and this is especially evident in Call of Duty 4 on veteran. You will start to find that any time you put yourself out, you are being lit up from all sides. Some forms of cover you need to always be on the lookout for are brick walls, because wooden ones can be shot through. Some other good options for Call of Duty 4 include cars, preferably ones that have already exploded, because if you are behind one and it blows up, you will be dead. Tip: Keep in mind that on timed missions such as “one shot, one kill”, you will be pressed to keep moving because it is timed, so you will have to be especially diligent about cover. On this level it is suggested that you cover, move, cover and don’t worry so much about firing!
  2. The next tip you should know to beat Call of Duty 4 on veteran is to know what weapon is best for what situation. Many times, the developers have given you good starting weapons to get you through the levels, but say you are in a stealth level and you are spotted and all you have is a sniper rifle in a pistol. This is the situation where you should know you’re probably going to have to grab an automatic rifle near you. This will most likely be an Ak-47, depending on your level. These are the kinds of situations you need to prepare yourself for in the veteran difficulty of Call of Duty 4. A good guide is if it is stealth mission, stick to the stealth. If it is timed, grab that aforementioned Call of Duty 4 signature AK-47 and blast your way through, but remember to take cover when necessary!
  3. The final tip you need to know to beat Call of Duty 4 on veteran is to not get in a rush. Now of course this doesn’t apply to the timed missions, but since almost the whole game isn’t timed, you are pretty safe here. Many times throughout Call of Duty 4, you will have your team yelling at your to “complete the mission” and “move up”. Keep in mind these are only computers and there is no penalty for taking a little longer on the mission! If you follow these tips, you will surely be able to beat Call of Duty 4 on the veteran difficulty!



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